Participate in the Drum Major Project

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy provides a model to Atlantans and to citizens of the world of how leadership can strengthen communities through inclusion and by uplifting each other.

The Drum Major Project invites individuals and communities engage with each other and participate in planned events to continue fulfilling Dr. King's vision of the "Beloved Community."


April 9, 2018: Memorial March from The King Center to Morehouse College 

Following an inter-faith service at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, The King Center will sponsor a march to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's funeral procession.

Participants are invited to:

  1. Participate in the funeral procession
  2. Invite family, friends, and colleagues to walk with you
  3. Wear similar clothing as people would have worn in 1968
  4. Wear a black armband like the ones people wore in the funeral march
  5. Make and carry a sign that shows a quote from or picture of Dr. King
  6. Join our roster of performers to perform at a site along the route. Performances may include spoken word, singing, dancing, and historical reenactment.


Yes, I'd like to participate in the commemorative funeral procession. 

Take the Drum Major Pledge 

Dr. King's Drum Major Sermon encouraged his congregation to seek greatness through service, love, charity, and justice.  The Drum Major Project invites you to build upon these principles by identifying and taking concrete action.  This project invites communities to gather, question, listen, dream, and act together.

Take a pledge to do something concrete and specific in your community.